Sunday, March 6, 2011

Basket Liner: Day 47

Happy Sunday to You!

I'm early today, so I feel that I can wish you a happy day in advance :-]. 

Here is my project:
(I must get going, as I have family to visit! Hooray!)

The basket with the sweater section already cut and placed.

The ribbing at the waist of the sweater will be used for the edge section. The amount I had was not long enough to go completely around the inside of the basket, so I made two seams to extend it.
Here I am pressing one of the seams...this is my little "sleeve board"sitting on my ironing board.

Pressed and ready to stitch to the bottom section.

placed in basket,
ribbons cut and being threaded...

...and the final basket liner.
Soft and cozy.
This is a basket I've had for a very long time. It seems happy to be revamped and upgraded.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

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