Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laptop Sleeve: Day 55

A Happy Laptop

I had mentioned that I'm going on another trip soon...1 week from today
...so I decided to make a padded cover for my laptop. 
At first I was going to make a nice pattern and be very scientific about it, but then I just had some ideas that didn't require all that and I went with my intuition instead.

Here is my laptop.
Look for signs of my Assistant!
Here is the chosen felted sweater.
100% Lambswool--very soft.
The striped pattern is unusual. I love the colors.
I turned the sweater inside out because I like that better.
So soft...you know me!
Assistant's tail again.
I cut the ribbing off the waist of the sweater, and made a cut across just under the bottom of where the  sleeve is seamed to the body of the sweater.
This shows the piece that I used.
After machine stitching the long edge where the waist ribbing was, I folded the entire section in half  again. I then hand stitched the side seams and the bottom together. This is now 4 layers thick, so the machine wouldn't have liked that!
Here is the bottom seam. A little rough, but I like the look of it.
The side seam stitches can't be seen.
The open (top) end of the sleeve with my laptop trying it on for size.
It fits very nicely, proving that my intuition worked in this case :-].
I folded back the sections so you can see the extra places to put things. 
Paper, for example!
So there are 2 flat sections for paper and one middle section for the laptop.
Buttoned up and ready to go.
Thank you, once again, to Little Brown Bear for being my model.

Something I have finally become aware of in the Murphy's Law Department:
When one is using her sewing machine daily, it is inevitable that no two days will be the same color thread. No matter what, she will have to rethread the machine.

On Another Note:
Today I decided not to sweat the Cinderella syndrome. As you can see by checking the time stamp on this post, it is WAY past midnight. I started this project before that (though not much before!), so this will count as my project for Monday, March 14!

See you later TODAY...

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