Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cable Purse Continued: Day 89

Second Day Of Creating This Bag

Photos today are limited. My camera told me in it's inimitable way that the battery was low.
When that happens you have no choice but to put it into the charger and try to wait patiently for it to complete it's work. Sadly it just now was ready to put back into the camera.
Nevertheless I have a few photos to show you.

The project as it stands now:

I chose this button as part of the fastening system for the bag.
Embroidered with thread close to the color of the lining, and stitched such that a thicker loop can slip over it easily. (More about that later.)

This is the loop--a narrow section of the non-cabled part of the sweater.
It is just pinned in under the lining.

The lining is still just pinned in, as I needed to make those decisions about  the strap and fastener before being able to  stitch down the lining.

The strap is made with one of the sweater seams cut  from the body of the sweater.
It will be attached as I stitch down the lining.

And for tomorrow:
1-Stitch lining! You already know this of course :-]
2-This bag has lots of little sweater tufts that need munching by the sweater lint eater,
so I will be wrapping up the project by cleaning up those tufts.

Should be able to finish my Cable Purse tomorrow!

I'll see you then.

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