Friday, April 15, 2011

Mom and Chick: Day 86

A Very Happy Green Chicken

You may remember the egg that I made for Green Chicken. 
Well, she has been nesting and waiting for something to happen, and now it has.
She has her first Baby Chicken!

Here he is in the nest. 
Looks like GC has brought him a worm!
How cute  :-].

Upon closer look this is a worm with big adorable eyes...
too cute to eat!

But he has a black tongue.
Perhaps he is a very small snake. (I think he wants to befriend GC and her chick.)

Yes, I was correct.

They have made friends with Snake.
He does fit well at the base of the nest with them.

Side Notes: Some memories of past blogs...

Green Chicken with her egg.
This blog post is HERE.

Baby Chick in his previous life as an Egg Cozy.
He became GC's chick because he wasn't happy as an egg cozy and needed some spiffing up to make him whole. 

Once again I am in the Twilight Zone of Blogs...
I hardly even started the writing of this until after midnight, so here's the deal:
This blog counts for Thursday, April 14, 2011.
The usual drill.

Another blog and project for later TODAY!

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