Friday, April 8, 2011

Eggs Again: Day 80

What Could These Be?

Eggs seem to be on my mind, but today the project has changed.

Cutting out the egg pattern.

Backing fabric.

The bunny is happy with TWO BIG EGGS.

Really, they are coasters for your drink cup or glass!

I machine stitched with the same color as the stripes on the front fabric to help secure and make them more sturdy.
Here you can see the back with the stitching lines.
The one deterring factor was changing the bobbin and thread for the different colors,
but it's all part of the joy.

My friend suggested I make coasters, but even I had no idea what would transpire.
This was a relaxing, enjoyable project. I may make more of these.

Eggs tomorrow? I don't know yet.
Let me think about that...

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