Monday, April 4, 2011

A Case for Scissors: Day 75

Green Scissors Need A Home

Traveling scissors need a case to protect them and make a cocoon so they can be found easily, in addition to not impaling anything. Stashing them in your check-in bag, which is where they are destined these days, makes one want to keep them safe.

A special case for them is indeed what is necessary under these conditions.
Of course I didn't have any for mine when I was away, but now I will plan for the future and make a 
Scissors Case.

My preliminary efforts for this evening:

My small, sharp, (and Wonderful!) green scissors.
I cut a pattern and am using a felted pink sweater for the case. 

Now that the sweater fabric is cut I want to embroider the outline of these scissors
on the outside before I make the seams.
I didn't want to mark on the fabric so I am using tracing paper for the outline and plan to stitch through it, then tear it away when finished.

Here is my beginning embroidery.

More stitching.
This is going quite well.

Unfortunately my allotted time is up, but I will continue tomorrow!
See you then...

Once again, I'm not making my deadline, but this still counts for Sunday, April 3, 2011!

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