Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cable Purse: Day 88

Beginnings Of Another Purse
For April 16, 2011

A start on a small bag was begun tonight.
It will take another day or two since (partly) the lining fabric needed to be washed first, so that put the project on hold for a bit of time. I didn't think ahead!

Here: The Process So Far... 

The remains of the sweater I am using. (She has given me many projects and parts of projects to date.)
All that's left is one full sleeve, a portion of the back, a very small portion of the front, the label hanging by a thread, and...

...a very BIG, thick-felted sweater collar.
This is the second very large collar on a sweater that I have used in the last few days.
Remember the pink Neck Warmer?

Here is the future purse with the cut lining that I chose.
This blue fabric is a medium weight cotton.

The collar is now hand stitched at the bottom to close the seam, and I have turned over the opposite side for a cuff at the top of the purse. It is currently pinned down for future tacking in place.

And a peek inside to see the lining, also ready for stitching in place.

Decisions Still To Make:

1-What kind of strap or handle
2-How to attach the handle
3-What kind of fastener to keep the purse closed at the top

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of Cable Purse!

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  1. So great that this sweater has been reborn as a number of different things! The blue is a fabulous colour for this.