Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pincushion and a Teacup: Day 40

Another Cup of Tea

Here is today's project.
I loved making the first pincushion, so I am making another.

Ingredients for pincushion love.
This time I used polyester fiberfill for stuffing.
It makes a nice medium for the pins. They very smoothly slide into their places!

Tea, anyone?
I have heard of green tea, but never blue.
This cushion is made of the same sweater fabric as the first: that intense indigo.
Lemon or sugar?

In addition to my daily project I set up a dowel for my ribbons. They are such a mess trying to keep them organized in a drawer. This is like Ribbon Heaven. I can now see all my colors (even add some in the future) and pull out the amount I need without chasing the spool as it falls on the floor and unwinds with yards and yards to rewind!

Better viewing up close!

And now the drawer that formerly held ALL those spools is now neat with my sequins, beads, and other small items nicely categorized...with labels on the lids, no less.

I didn't plan to do all that organizing today, but I have to say I will be able to function much better with my supplies efficiently in sight and easy to find.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.
Good Night.

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