Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bunnykins: 28/365

You'll Love This...

Another fun project, the tutorial courtesty Betz White. I love her designs. 
You may have already guessed this. Here is the tutorial from her website/blog.

Ready to cut out the sweater ears.
My favorite purse sweater fabric is quickly disappearing!

Bunny is cut out, stitched, and ready to turn to the right side.
What are those 2 little nubbins on top of his head?...

...the ears, of course! Hmmm, I think this is bunny getting ready to hop out of his skin.

Turned, but not yet stuffed.

The finished Bunnykins.

A small rose from WoolnFelt seemed a perfect addition for a tail.

I tried to stay within my 1-hour time allotment, and was close to keeping in that time frame, but just couldn't make it. I just had to finish, though...couldn't help myself.

A Happy Wednesday to You

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