Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacups And Pincushions: 30/365

Have a Cup of Tea While You Read Today's Blog

I've been wanting to try this project for a long time. It went very smoothly, as if I had been thinking about it for that long time!
I have seen some pincushions similar to this, but there was no pattern or instruction for what you see here, so it is my creation.

The strip of fabric from the Sweater Purse project that I didn't use is now slated for use here.
It has been rolled up and looks like a little biscuit.

The ingredients for this project:
1. Rolled biscuit
2. Small teacup
3. Bright blue felted sweater piece

A funny looking little blue ghost!
The biscuit is inside to make the padding for...

...the finished teacup pincushion.
The sweater fabric is the same shade as the color of the bird's wings.

Top view.
The fancy pins I made using beads and long stainless steel straight pins.

Ribbon for an additional detail.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hope you have a great day!

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