Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 19/365: Organizing Space!

Time to Regroup

Today needed to be a day of making things neat again! After many projects being created, and this last one in particular, my sewing area really needed a major clean up. There were scraps from every project so far! Pattern pieces, little bits of embroidery thread, triangles and other odd shapes of sweater fabric, the iron still sitting on the ironing board, previous projects waiting to have a place discovered for a home for them, etc. I'm not implying that all of this was done, but I must say I can now see through to open, flat surfaces upon which to work!!

For a crafting person it is important to be able to see what you have and know where supplies and tools are when the inspiration hits. It is quite a deterrent when those things you need for that spurt of energy and great idea are nowhere to be found without digging. I speak from experience. And now I really want to be able to pick up what I need and go with it. 

So I did a bit of organizing.

My sewing machine has been put to bed for the night.
Though it looks like the sewing table is stacked with things, they are the items I need when stitching. If I need to I can easily move them to the side.
No before photo. You don't need to see that :-/.

My assistant is happy that he is getting a rest! 

Some neatness: a stack of sweaters all ready to be the next project.

This wraps up my work for today. Another day tomorrow for a great sweater project!

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