Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 20: Thinking and Resting Count

An Aside...

A great deal of work has gone into my sweater projects to date. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is not just the making that is important. And it is not just the collecting, recording, and storing, either.

Today I participated in one of the most important aspects of this process:


A great deal of time is spent in virtually crafting an idea for a project. This is something that I spend many unrecorded hours doing, sometimes even in my sleep. While I'm out walking dogs I'm thinking. While I'm washing dishes I'm thinking. While I'm putting off doing the things that I should be doing I'm thinking.

This is where all those ideas come from that become my daily blogs. This brain activity must be given credit for what it is, so I am documenting this here and now ;-].

Today I am writing my blog about the thinking part. This is not so easy to do because how do I describe all the tangents that I take in my mental meanderings? You will just need to imagine for a few minutes how this process goes. All of you do this yourself. You start thinking about one thing, then in a microsecond you are off in another world thinking about something totally different. This is where all those brilliant ideas come from that I have referred to in the past.

So today must rest in it's shortened version.
There will be more projects upcoming because of today's labors.

Oh, but a couple of photos before I go...

Me, thinking.

My assistant, sleeping.

Good Night!

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