Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 15/365

Another Day for Sweater Finding!

My gathered purse is progressing, though today I want to share with you some sweaters that I saw and purchased from a local thrift store.

I found three that are quite nice and very different from each other in color, thickness, texture, and pattern. Variety is good so that there is a selection of fabrics to choose from when designing a new project. I know that I tend to gravitate toward gray shades and the softest of feel when I am looking for more to add to my collection, so I make myself aware of that and try to branch out.

Actually when I am in a thrift store I scope out those sweaters that are of the content required (at least 80% wool or other animal fibers, as a general rule), then go back over them to find which are the best for the variety that I need. Sometimes I can't help but take something that might be similar to my others...I do fall in love easily at times and can't resist to take them home anyway.

Here are my finds:

This sweater is a very light-weight ivory with nice detailing.

You can see how the cabling and the stitching of the body of the sweater have potential for future projects.

70% Lambswool
20% Angora Rabbit Hair
10% Nylon
I love to photograph the labels!

A subtle lavendar.
This is something new in color for me.

Jones New York...very cool.
50% Lambswool
40% Angora Rabbit Hair
10% Nylon 
Cart before the horse. Label first.
100% Merino Wool* (see note below)

This sweater feels like it has been previously felted, accidently or intentionally?
Hard to see the simple details here, but this is beautiful, black, and medium thick.
Now I have my work cut out for me. I am getting backlogged on felting. There may be sudsy photos in your future. Who knows what I may throw in for your visual enjoyment.

*Merino Sheep

Just thought you might like to know what this kind of sheep looks like.
Very handsome and stately.
Known for the finest wool and whose name is on many labels of lovely sweaters.
I am acknowledging the website from which I found this great Merino:

Hope to see you again tomorrow!

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