Thursday, February 10, 2011


Small Things Matter

Among the things that I have been considering to make have been flowers of various sorts. Today I decided to try a pattern which I discovered in my travels with my friend Google. In fact I think it was just yesterday. 

To give proper credit, HERE is where I found the tutorial, though it was not designed by this artist, but by Martha Stewart she tells us in her blog. It is really designed for making a paper flower, but I thought that I could do this with a felted sweater scrap.

Here's the deal:
Take a square piece of felt.
Cut it in a spiral.
Roll it up.
Stitch it together.
Add a button or other accoutrement as a center.
Voila! A flower.


I drew this so you can see the "pattern".
This is a 5" square.

The finished flower.
Color is not accurate. I used the same dark purple sweater that was used for the grape jelly in my Sweater Toast from this blog.

This is more accurate for the color, but still not perfect.
I want to try some other colors and work on this more. It  needs something, but I'm not sure just what yet.

More flowers for the future.

Good Night.
Happy Tomorrow!

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