Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sewing Apron In Progress: Day 132

A Day To Think About An Apron...
and now on to the actual project!

Here goes...
Lots of photos to try to bring you into my felting world here at home. :-]

The back of the sweater that I showed you on Sunday. (HERE is the beginning of the project.) I have spread it out as flat as possible so I can figure out where to make my cut lines and use as much of the sweater as possible without wasting anything. 

Waist ribbing has been cut off, and pins have been put into the little canyon between the small ribbing on the bodice of the sweater so I can cut exactly where I want. I have planned this in order to use as much of the back as I can. 
One side is now cut the entire length of the apron.

The label will even be a part of it: Adele Joyce Petites
This is a 70% Lambswool, 20% Angora Rabbit Hair, 10% Nylon sweater.
Very soft.

After cutting the side edge, the top edge of the apron (the shoulder seam of the sweater) is being cut across to the collar.

I am going to use the button/buttonhole placket as the apron ties. It extends around the neck and back to become the collar of the sweater, so it makes perfect apron strings for this project.
(It only took me 24 hours of thinking on my holiday off to figure this out...well, maybe not that long...)

Green Chicken seems to like what is going on. She wanted to show you where I will be cutting the placket. Look at the very tip of her beak--this is the cutting line.

The buttonhole side of the placket.

Cutting the other edge of the front of the apron.

The button side of the placket.

Now I have the basic apron with attached ties.
I will hand-stitch the sections to make the ties fully intact across the top of the apron.

Thoughts for tomorrow:
A pocket for my ruler and chopsticks...plus other accoutrements!
It all makes Green Chicken very happy.
(Me, too.)

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