Friday, June 24, 2011

Honey Bee Softie: Day 156

Another Bee For The Garden...
Phase I: The drawing phase and supplies accumulation.

Project work for today consisted of thinking about what to make, drawing the proposed softie, and finding the proper materials to execute the idea.

Here are my drawings:
[Note: If you click on the photo itself you will have a better view of the drawn pattern.]

Front of Honey Bee
Looking at the close view drawing you will see my plan for the following:
1. Antennae--sweater seams with knot in ends.
2. Eyes--buttons.
3. Yellow Bands--ribbon.
4. Stinger--triangular piece of sweater.

Back of Honey Bee
5. Wings--translucent ribbon.

Here are my materials all in a pile.

The only yellow ribbon I have is that on the spool above, and it is too narrow for what I want to use. The wide velvet ribbon in the photo is part of the black sweater that I will use for the body. I may be able to incorporate that to make the yellow bands. Time will tell. There are buttons to choose from for the eyes (my assortment that is now contained in my new Button Jar), and the translucent ribbon in the foreground will make a nice set of wings.

Please come back tomorrow for the next phase of my project.

Have a Great Saturday!

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