Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pockets For Apron: Day 133

Adding The Details...
Plus Wowza!--Great Knot Instructions
For Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After last night's Scissor Frenzy cutting this poor sweater almost everywhere possible, I am now at at point that I can go to the next step.
Here it is:

I scrapped the idea of hand stitching the waistband to the apron section. It was decided that the apron strings need to be strong enough to undergo a bit of wear, so the sewing machine did the work.
It came out quite nicely...Hooray.

You can see it better in this photo.
Looks like it was born this way.

You haven't seen the apron yet, but I have added some things (that I will show you soon).
Here I am making a pouchy pocket that will hold several things; perhaps needle book, pincushion, spool of thread or embroidery thread, etc.
On the right is the intact sleeve; on the left, the sleeve without the cuff ribbing. The sleeve seems like a great thing to use as a already has all but the bottom seam completed!

Measuring and cutting the size I want.

I will make a seam in the bottom to close the pocket, and will stitch this to the apron.
It is getting too late to have my brain attached and functioning, so I will have to wait until tomorrow.
(This is the inside--underarm sweater seam showing.) 

Here is Sewing Apron after my Details were added tonight.
The Long Pocket on the right is for my chopsticks and ruler.
A Ribbon to hang the scissors on is on the left.
The Pouchy Pocket is not yet attached, but this is where I will put it, I think.

Great Knot Information!
Please read this :-]

When I stitched the buttons on I tried a new way of making a KNOT that I just read about this week. Go to the LINK to see the steps.
There are 10 or 11 steps, but please don't let that daunt you. Once you learn this you will be in Knot Heaven, as this makes the neatest, tightest knots that will lie flat and make you fall in love with them as well!--Can you believe it? Yes!
Try some of these miracle knots. 
You won't even want to embroider or hand stitch, but just make more of these little bad boys.

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