Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dusting Mitt: Day 139

Time To Clean House!

Doesn't everyone need a way to happily dust things around the house?
Well, I have to admit that one of my least favorite housekeeping chores is dusting.
However, wouldn't it be a happier chore with a fluffy mitt to fit your hand?
Then you could even possibly whistle while you work!

Here is a project to get you started on a new perspective for this on-going task:

Here is the sweater I am using.
You may remember this one from my Green Chicken project.

To make the mitt I am first putting my left hand into the bottom of the sleeve of this sweater to measure for fitting.
(Freckled arm, watch, and all. See the time? I am starting early this evening. Are you proud of me?)
I figured that the ribbing and the sleeve are a great start,
keeping me from having to add a cuff and side seams.

Next I have pinned just above my fingers to set the placement for the end seam.

Cutting just beyond the pins for a seam allowance.

Ready to machine-stitch the seam.

Seam is stitched.
(I turned and pressed it, but forgot to take a photo. You'll see it later anyway.)

Now time to cut the strips that will be the functional dusting part of the mitt.
I have pulled out my trusty rotary cutter and self-healing mat to make the process a bit faster than just using scissors.

The strips are being cut a width that will fit into a tapestry needle eye so I can stitch each piece onto the palm side of the mitt. The lengths will vary. The shortest are about 3" long with others up to 5" or 6".

To pull each piece into the mitt will take quite a bit of time to complete.
I will have to ask you to join me tomorrow again for the finished product...I need another day! :-]
Wishing You A Happy Wednesday!

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