Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apron Continuing: Day 134

More Pockets!

...but first I want to show you some of my Glorious Knots.
(You know how much I am in love with them after last night's blurb.)

Here are two different ones, though made with the same pink floss. :-]

I know, I know, both of these knots look the same, but this one had 3 wraps around the needle...

...and this one had four.
No big deal, but I just had to share!
Check out Heather Bailey's link HERE to make some for yourself.
Now to the Apron Project.
(You are likely thinking, "Finally, Janda, let's stop talking about those knots!")

Here is my Pouchy Pocket that I was showing you last night.
This is the bottom seam that was stitched on the sewing machine.

The top edge of the same pocket.
I hand stitched the top edge for a little detail with pink floss.

Not stitched to the apron yet, but this is the approximate placement.
Goodness, it takes time to stitch, make the decisions about the project, and get it done. My time allotment is full for now, so I must stop soon.
(Making too many knots, I suppose!)

I did decide to add one more pocket just below the waistband.
This one is cut from another section of the sleeve above the part I used for the Pouchy Pocket.

Here it is as it will be attached to the apron.

More tomorrow.
Perhaps I can finish...hopefully.

Happy Friday, Everyone

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