Monday, June 13, 2011

Zipper Problem Solved: Day 144

Zipping It Up
For Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last night when I was stitching merrily wasn't so merrily. There was distraction afoot because of a definite problem with the installed zipper of 2 nights ago. 
Though it went in nicely and unzipped, then zipped just like clockwork... never UNzipped again.
Here you see the zipper in its sad state: tab disengaged from its teeth.
I pulled and I tugged; I tried using tweezers and all manner of tools to try to get the little dear back on track, literally! But nothing worked. Today I gave up and just took it out. Hated doing it, but there was no way to rectify the problem, but for a do-over.
This is that same piece of fabric (the slit is cut already, as you saw a few days ago), and I have pinned the new zipper in place.

The underside with the new white zipper.
Thankfully I had another one to replace the first.

I am stitching this one from the right side of the fabric.
This is the first line of running stitches to the left of the zipper.

Now the second line is done.


And it ZIPS.
The success is that it CONTINUES to do so--unlike Zipper Number One.
The problem with the first one was my mistake. I should have more carefully stitched across  the top closure, as well as reinforcing it, to keep the tap from lopping off.

The underside. A little wonky, but I am very happy with the look on the front.
The previous photo shows the finished stitching. The running stitch that I ran around the zipper was not enough in my estimation, so I went around it again filling in the spaces. A kind of "double running stitch" which really resembles a true back stitch.

And I didn't even mention My Favorite Knot once!  :-/
Hope you continue to have a lovely, crafty June!

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