Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Friend For Snail: Day 155

Bumblebee Project

I am going very simply tonight, as my day job was pretty busy and all things from my feet up are tired!!

My Snail was saying that she is "kinda lonesome", so I thought I should make her a friendly companion to keep her company. One that could understand her feelings and way of life.

Here is the Bumblebee:

My tools and supplies. Notice the black circle of felted sweater in the right upper corner.

That circle has a running stitch all the way around, close to the edge.
I am now pulling the thread ends to create a ball, and am stuffing it with the sweater scraps that you could see in the first photo.
Now my Bumblebee is complete. I added two dark green buttons for eyes and a green ribbon for wings. They almost look like they are moving!
Of course he is a friendly bee, but he didn't want to go without..........

...a Stinger. Just for show, mind you. :-]

Here are the two New Friends having a conversation over a flower.

Have a Nice Evening!

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