Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Button Storage: Day 153

A Proper Place For Buttons

In keeping with the last 2 days of making storage jars/containers more appealing, I just wanted to share another idea I had for a Sweater Label. This is my project for today.

A great jar with rounded square corners needs a label. You will see the entire jar shortly.
I measured the jar label in order to make the pattern to cover it. 

This time I want to embroider "Buttons" on my sweater piece, so I traced the pattern onto tracing paper and wrote the letters as I want them. This is it!

I have cut my sweater piece and also cut out the tracing paper template for the embroidery.
Now you can see the jar. I love square jars!

The tracing paper is pinned to the piece so I can now get out my floss and start sewing.
This is the very same technique I used for my Scissors Case on April 5th.

The stitching is finished, but I am not sure how well this has turned out until I  tear away the tracing paper. I must take a Very Deep Breath first. :-/

The process of taking away the paper has to be done very gently not to pull the stitching out of whack.

You can see my little pile of tiny pieces of tracing paper. The tweezers are an essential element as a helper to accomplish the task.
OK, it's readable. I'm happy.

Now the same drill as the last 2 nights: the gluing of sweater to jar.

Glue has been glopped. :-]
I learned something new tonight, though. Using another stick to hold the piece down while glopping with the other stick made it so much easier. No messy fingers/hands/etc. AND I also "picked up" the sweater label with the stick to place it on the jar. So very cool.

A nice improvement.

Taking its place on the shelf with my White Button container.
Tonight's jar holds all manner and color of buttons. Until I sort them otherwise they will live happily together here. I like the mish-mash of variety.

Of course you may know by now that I LOVE buttons.

 Goals For Everyone Tomorrow:
1-Observe the buttons on your shirt, dress, or coat.
2-Look at the details on them.

Think what a brilliant invention buttons are!
Maybe ask Google about the history of buttons. :-]

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  1. That is a great idea. I wanted to add lettering to the lining of a basket because its in my laundry room and other types of labels wouldn't work. Think I'm going try this!