Friday, June 17, 2011

A Completed Blue Rose: Day 148

One Long-Stemmed Rose
For Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lots of photos for you tonight.
"A picture is worth a thousand words", so here are 14,000 words, plus a few of my own.

To finish the Rose that I began last night, a bit of fine tuning needed to be done. 

A rose needs leaves, so I drew a pattern and cut out a few. The ribbing of the sweater used for the wrapping seemed like a good idea, as the ribs reminded me of the veins of a leaf.

Here are the 4 leaves that I cut out. The width of the ribbing was perfect for the size I wanted.

The Rose as I left it last night with a pin holding the wrapping in place.

I take a deep breath as I unwrap my work.

The bare rose with the chopstick exposed again.
I am now embarking upon a mission to glue down the wrap.

Glopping up the base of the rose.

Now pulling the green sweater strip over the glue.

Down to the chopstick...glop that up, too!

The beauty of this glue, called YES!, is that it dries slowly, allowing time to carefully place the strip where I want it. There is the option of pulling off the strip to reposition it also.
I considered using hot glue, but that dries fast making it necessary to do the work very quickly. Better to be able to take time and do a neat job, I think.

Here goes the first leaf into position; layering glue over the base so the strip can be wrapped over it.

Continuing down the chopstick.

The third leaf...I didn't use the fourth one.

And finishing to the end of the stick. Some sticky, glue-laden fingers here.
But the glory of this is that the glue is water-soluble. Hooray! 

The wrapped stem posing with the YES! glue.
Did I mention that I also have a love affair going with this glue?
Now the list is getting longer...not just My Favorite Knot!

My finished Rose.
Even though I didn't make miniscule serrated edges on the leaves, they really look like true rose leaves. That is a happy accident. :-]

Take time to smell the roses!
A Happy Friday to All

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