Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Festive Garland Tutorial: Day 154

Spruce Up Your Patio!

With Summer Holidays and Parties coming up, 
how about making some of these Sweater Garlands?
They are easy to make, require NO sewing, and the list of needed items is short, sweet, and easy to find.

The Needed Items:
Hefty Twine
Small Gauge String
Measuring tape
One to several sweaters of the colors you want to use.

The How-To:
I recommend that you read through all instructions before beginning.
Please, if you have questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me. 

For this step you will need your sweater/s, scissors, and measuring tape or ruler.
The strips I cut varied between a range of measurements between 1 1/2" wide X 6" long, to approximately 2" wide X 5" long. The size is up to you, depending upon what size Sweater "Puffs" you want. You can go larger or smaller!

Now for the twine, the string, and your rectangular pieces of sweater.
Bunch up each piece in the center and tie the string around it. You will have each piece individually tied with its own section of "garland" yet.
It looks a bit like a flower or a tiny dress for a mouse (if  your imagination goes a little wild!).
Here you can see the small gauge string (dark green) that has now been tied to the length of twine that will be the garland on which each of your sweater flowers will be attached. It is best to measure the length of twine you will need before beginning. For example, I wanted this for my patio umbrella outside to string around the edge.

Now its time to make your flowers. After they are all tied to the small gauge string, you can arrange them in the order you want before attaching them to the twine.
Here are some of my flowers.

They are lined up in the order I want. (I have already attached some of them to the garland twine.)

The full length of my garland. I left an extra section of twine at each end for attaching to the umbrella.

The Photo Shoot After The Garland Is Attached To The Umbrella:

It feels very festive!
Even my yard is seems to be smiling. :-]

Take time to enjoy the great outdoors.

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