Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spider!: Day 136

A Toy For My New Cat and Kitten

Today I adopted a mother cat and one of her kittens. :-]
They are both sweet, and so lovable! 
The process has started to gently introduce them into my family, and of course let them get used to my First Assistant (cat) and Second Assistant (dog).
So far things are going very well.

To help welcome them into our household I decided to make them a felted sweater toy.
You already know what it is...the Spider! in my title note.
It turned out to be a most endearing spider with big red eyes and a crooked smile.

The unfortunate part is that my trusty camera gave me that cryptic message:
You know what that photos tonight.
I promise to take them as soon as the camera is up and functioning again.

Tomorrow you will get to see Spider!

Good Night for Now,
Sweet Dreams

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