Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zippers & Etsy Craft Party: Day 142

A First Felted Project With A Zipper!!
The Annual Etsy Craft Party

For Friday, June 10, 2011
And In Memory of My Mother.

Of late I have been thinking about doing a project that includes a zipper.
Mind you, it has been quite a while since I have sewn a zipper into any item.
Yes, memories of Homemaking Class in Junior High, and beyond.

For now I am re-embarking on a Zipper Mission:
Today I began a small pouch.

Post-surgical sweater!
This lovely, soft sweater is the result of several projects in the recent past:
Egg-shaped Coasters
Needle Book
Paper Chain
(And likely a few that I have suddenly forgotten.)

This section will become the Pouch that I am beginning today.

For the idea I have in mind, I want 2 pieces the same size.
That piece in the previous photo is now cut in half.

This section will have the Zipper. :-]
Not wanting to do anything normal here, I am opting to make it on the diagonal.
If you look closely you can see the blue chalk line running from the upper left corner to the lower right, marking the position for the zipper.

The zipper is pinned in place, ready to stitch.

You may be able to see that the Zipper--instead of being machine-stitched--has been
The plan was to use the sewing machine for this phase; however, my machine was revolting. After putting in the zipper foot, I tried changing the needle position to stitch the zipper, but ALAS, it would not budge. I guess it's been too
very long since I tried my hand at this because even my machine was not inclined to attempt it. I think it was saying, "Please take me to the repair shop for a good cleaning and going over."

Thus the hand-stitched zipper.
At least there was an alternative.

The under side of the zipper.
My Favorite Knot, upper right side of stitching. (You thought I had let that go! :-/)

I held my breath while I cut through to the zipper.

It even opens and closes!
Holding my breath helped I'm sure.

For now this is as far as the Zipper Project goes, because tonight I was going to the
Etsy Craft Party!

This is an annual, one-time get-together of Etsy crafters and friends who meet to work on projects of the community- or otherwise- variety, drink coffee/tea/water, eat good food, and generally just have a fun time together. This goes even beyond local and national levels, as there are etsy local groups all over this planet.
Really, quite amazing.

This was my first time to attend this gathering.
I had such a wonderful time, met new friends, and came home with crafts that I loved making.

Love these roses that another crafter demonstrated for all of us to make.
They look real!

Even better in the bud vase,
though the lack of water might give it away that these are really made of crepe paper!

Make your weekend a Crafty One.


  1. Janda, keep 'em coming. You're doing great things and your creative energy inspires others. Hearts, gem