Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweater Rose: Day 147

Inspiration From Last Friday's Craft Night

You may remember the Crepe Paper Roses* that I made at the Etsy Craft Party June 10.
*Thank you to Sammy for her great instructions and help at the Craft Party!
She has an etsy shop HERE where she sells her flowers and crepe paper...make a visit to her shop. :-]

Tonight I was inclined to make a rose like that one using sweater fabric.
Here are the results:

Paper heart pattern that I cut. 
Just like in grade school: fold the paper, then cut half the heart, and voila a symmetrical pattern. This sweater is fairly lightweight making it flexible and pliable to form the rose.
The dimensions of this pattern:
Center top "dip" to bottom point--2 1/2"
Widest point--4"
Top "bulge" to bottom point--3 1/2" 

Four hearts are cut from the fabric. The fine wire at right will be used to wrap the petals to the chopstick that will be the stem.

The first heart piece is wrapped and wired to the chopstick.  The other 3 pieces will be staggered around this base and then also wired.

Near view for details.

To make the stem I will cut a couple of long strips from this sweater sleeve.

The strips are 3/8" to 1/2" wide.
No need to be too careful about this. These strips will be like florists tape on the paper version.

The rose itself is complete, and the stem/chopstick has been wrapped with the green fabric.
I secured it with a pin for now, but I need to figure out what to use ultimately so it will stay in place.

The blossom.

Crepe Paper Rose and Sweater Rose.

A good start for a rose bouquet!

To be continued...