Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sewing Apron Completed: Day 135

 Pockets For Every Stitching Need
For Friday, June 3, 2011

Here is my completed Sewing Apron.
All pockets are stitched on and ready to go to work.

Up close with Top Pocket.

Pouchy Pocket.

I decided to hand-stitch these 2 pockets to the apron with the same pink floss (and stitch) I had used for the cuffed edge of the Pouchy Pocket. This photo is a bit fuzzy--sorry!

Ruler/Chopstick Pocket

Top Pocket now has a selection of embroidery floss and spools of thread.

Pouchy Pocket has lots of room for my fat Needle Book, and even my larger pair of scissors in the Scissors Case I made a while back.

Long Pocket with ruler and chopsticks all snuggled inside.

I left the larger pockets stitched only around the sides and bottom allowing for a double pocket.
I may have other things to stash here like a pattern or pencil and a note pad.
This has great possibilities!

The most interesting (and naturally occurring) thing about this project is that the apron ties are buttonable! By using the front button placket and leaving the buttons attached I have instantly adjustable apron strings!

Interesting how this all turned out.
When I began this project I had not a clue how the final apron would look.
It has been quite the sewing adventure.

Happy Weekend!

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