Friday, May 6, 2011

Needle Book and A Sewing Tip: Day 107

Therapy Session Complete :-]
For Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stitching worked on my soul yesterday and today. I feel better, and I'm happy to present to you the finishing touches of the Needle Book.

The 4-page inside section is placed on the cover wrong sides together, and now the binding is being stitched up the center with black embroidery floss. The black blends nicely with the outside stripe which is a very, very dark midnight blue. It is hardly noticeable except for a dimple down the spine on the outside. I took a photo, but the camera didn't see it either!

Now that the spine is stitched I am ready to whipstitch the front- and back-facing pages to the cover.

The inside center with black stitching.

The back-facing page with the little blue French knots that I completed yesterday.

The happy pins...

...and needles.

Oh, the Sewing Tip!
I wanted to share with you something I discovered to make embroidering easier.
You may already be doing this, but it is a new idea to me.
Here is the wrong side of the front cover.
As I was hand sewing this I wanted to change color and was using coordinating colors of thread with each stripe. So that I didn't have to make a knot with the original then knot the new color and start again I decided to just tie the ends together and keep stitching. It seemed like a smoother transition than making all those knots.

And now, the Front Cover!
I left the ends of the lavender and pink threads free at the ends.
And also, out of the blue, decided to stitch on a pink button.
Enjoyable project!
Hope you like it. 


  1. Hi Janda I've just found your blog. What fabulous ideas the pin book, wrist pincushion, cushion ... are all wonderful. I especially love the idea of using a shirt for the cusion as my zip-sewing skills need more practice. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  2. Hi Juls,
    I'm so glad you found me! And thanks for the nice words.
    Speaking of zip-sewing skills, I need to get back on track with that, too. I haven't used any in my projects to date, but want to make some things that need them.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again.
    A good day to you!

  3. This worked out great!!
    So many lovely details added, i hope your needles and pins feel very appreciated!!

  4. Thanks, Zennic Designs. You are dear!
    My pins and needles are practically doing all the work themselves :-]