Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sewing Apron: Day 131

Thinking About My Next Project

Since I like to travel around in my house while I work on the projects at hand, I thought it a good idea to come up with an item that could help me in my nomadic pursuits.

"What about an apron that could hold (almost!) all of my sewing notions," I said to myself. 
Those things like thread, needles and pins, chopstick, sweater fabric, scissors...the list goes on.

Long enough on thinking about this, I decided to make a plan and start the process.

Here are the beginning stages of my 
Sewing Apron For The Inveterate Nomad:

Here is the drawing I made of what's been brewing in my brain over the last few weeks.
A few Sweater Pockets, a built-in Pincushion, and a Chatelaine...all needed additions to the apron.
I am still working on the details.
This is the sweater I want to use.
Not the front...

...but the back, for the apron base.

You may be able to see the little tufts on this sweater that need to be removed before anything else happens here.
The accoutrements (pockets, pincushion, chatelaine, etc) would be made from other sweaters and sweater parts. The exact specifications will be worked out as the project moves along its path.

The brainstorming part has now begun.
More on this another day.

Memorial Day Holiday is tomorrow, May 30.
I wish all of you a happy, healthy day to spend with family and friends.

I will be taking tomorrow off from Project Work to celebrate and honor this holiday.
See you again on Tuesday.

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