Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snake Is Moving Along: Day 113

The Process Continues...
For Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I needed to decide how to rectify the situation of the seams being on the outside edges of Snake's tail. I decided to sew a blanket stitch around the edges.

The beginnings of the blanket stitch.

In addition I wanted to create other detailing to give my Snake some more interest. I tried several things and finally came up with a solution. You will see the results in the photos.

My first thought was to make large French knots down his back.
That seemed like a good idea, but after trying this I scrapped it.

Then I got another idea!
Use some cording that I made with felted sweaters to create little knotted "buttons" down his back.

This is the process:
1-Make knot in cord.
2-Make slit in fabric through which to pull the cord to the next button point.
3-Pull the cording through and make another knot.
4-Repeat the process.
Though I think this would be something to use in the future, I just didn't like how it was coming out.

My last and final decision for Back Detail:
Use the cording as a stripe down the entire back and secure with embroidery.

I have pinned it in place so it is pretty much centered,  then started the embroidery process.
This was quite the big deal since I now have this l o n g tube, aka Snake, and to keep from stitching through both thicknesses of sweater fabric I had to put my hand...and ARM...into the tube. I wish I had three hands so I could have taken a photo of that! Trying to hold the cording from inside the tube and then stitch with the other hand was an interesting method. (Perhaps useful in the future :-].)

The thing is that it couldn't have been done prior to stitching together the tubes. Some things are just what they are. I make my life complicated at times...what else is new?!

Here is the finished stripe.
I did a little fancy stuff on the tail by circling the cording around on itself.

The near view.
The embroidery thread I used is variegated orange.

Oh, yes, and BTW, I'm not done yet. (Or rather, the Snake is not done yet.)
He still needs stuffing.
I also have some surprises for you tomorrow.

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