Sunday, May 1, 2011

Envelope Pillow: Day 102

Continuing With Last Night's Project
For April 30, 2011

Tonight I finished the pillow!
It was pretty easy, fun, and didn't take much time.
And is a most clever idea of Betz White.

Starting to cut the flannel shirt. I had pinned out the 13 1/2" square last night. You can still see the pins I used as a guide. I also centered the square so I would have 3 buttons in the placket as the envelope closure.

The flannel and the felted sweater squares. It was easy to cut the sweater because of the vertical cables as the design element.

Pinning wrong sides together.

I have just lapped over the sweater side to the flannel side showing wrong sides pinned together.

A 3/8" seam allowance.
Though the measurement of the fabrics is exactly the size of the pillow form, and taking away 3/8" all around, the form will still fit perfectly as it is gently arranged inside the finished cover.

Special Note:
You may remember my referring to one of
Murphy's Laws of Sewing Practices many weeks ago.
The particular Law was the following: (I didn't quote it at the time, but this is it in it's true form.)

"When using your sewing machine for different projects each day, you will find that you will always need to change the color of thread before the next project."

I am pleased to announce that tonight I defied this Murphy's Law #12,083 (see above).
My sewing machine had
Off White thread from my Dryer Ball project.
For tonight I needed what color?
Off White!
How lucky is that?

Seams finished.
Before turning right side out, carefully trim the corners for a nice, clean square.

The beauty of making this is that the entire outer edge can be machine stitched without needing to leave an open section for turning. I left the buttons nestled in their buttonholes to stitch this, then just unbuttoned them to turn the cover right-side out.
No hand stitching here!

My pillow corner demonstrated by Lionni, my lion.
He likes to help, along with my 2 other assistants (they have the night off).

Pillow form in place, and ready to button up this project, literally!

Buttoning up completed.
I love the way this looks.
So easy. Did I mention how easy this is? I think I did!

Lionni and the front of the pillow.
This is SO soft and cozy.

Sleep tight!


  1. I have used cardigan sweaters for pillows like this, but never thought to put wool on the front & a cotton shirt on the back. I love the contrast. It looks great!

  2. Thanks, Resweater! I love the contrast, too. And I want to make more of these. This is a project that is straightforward, simple, and fast. No hand stitching, so it could be a quick sew for a last-minute gift. I just thought of that!