Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pens and Pencils: 32/365

A Pouch for My Writing Sticks

Since I am getting ready to go to a conference I thought it a good idea to make a nice carrying pouch for my pens and pencils. I'm a person who is very particular about my writing devices, so it is only right that they have an appropriate place which is protected as well as easy to find in my stash of papers that I will be carrying around with me.

Here's what I made this evening:

This is/was a yellow skirt that I absconded with from the thrift store, along with the sweaters, on a recent foraging journey.
Here you see the skirt surgery...a long rectange was cut from the hemline.

Several of the steps were skipped here. You will have to use your imagination (or you can always ask me questions about my projects!).
Here is my inside-out pouch ready to sew the side seams.

And, voila, the pouch is magically already finished.
I, again, became carried away and forgot to take more photos.
Pens and pencils waiting patiently to try out their new home.

"Oh, yes", they say, "it is very cozy in here!"

Detail of blue and yellow buttons with their adjoining loops.

The skirt fabric is very know how I love soft.
I am thinking about the materials and supplies I need to take with me on my trip in order to keep up my daily projects. 
Any suggestions?

Three more hours of evening.

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