Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 17/365

Slow Progress

Hello Friends! Tonight was a bit frustrating in that progress was not forthcoming. The next phase in my purse making was to make the drawstrings and finish stitching the buttonholes for the drawstrings. I had thought about using that strip of sweater fabric after all, but stitching it to finish the edges was not a great result. I am going to use the cords I had made that I talked about a few days ago. Two of each needed to be stitched together at the ends to make it long enough, so that is basically all that was accomplished in my allotted time for today. If I hadn't taken the time to try using the original pieces I would have gotten further, but I suppose that's the way things go sometimes. 

I only have 2 photos for you tonight. Tomorrow will be better I hope!

Here are the two options for drawstrings:
The cocoa brown one turned out too rough.
The midnight blue cords will likely be the ones to use.

You may remember this pic--the bound buttonholes I intend to make for drawstring slits.
I still need to stitch these into the ribbed portion of the top of the bag.
Hoping that tomorrow night I will be able to complete this :-].

Wish me luck!

Until Saturday...

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