Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Pair of Arm Warmers: 31/365

Purple Ones This Time
Please don't miss my note at the end of this blog!**

The finished product.
Cart before the horse this time.
These were made from a sweater with very full arms. I didn't want to  take in the seams so decided to leave them loose and add an adjustment for tightening or making them looser to fit over other layers of clothing.

Here is that adjustment ribbon.

Showing the basting of the ribbon on the right.
The tied ribbon on the left.

Where you see the pink button was a hole in the sweater! The button matched the bird applique.

The inside edge of the top: the turned hem and the gathered portion.

This is the opposite arm warmer showing that same bird applique. No hole here, but I wanted to add another button, so a yellow one was chosen.
The original sweater.
It has lots of appliques on it.

Nice little flowers. Very delicate.

These arm warmers are truly warm. They are very needed on a night like we are having...
pouring rain right now!
Wishing you a nice evening.

**A Note Regarding Next Week:
I will be attending a conference from Monday, 21 February, through Thursday, 24 February.
Though I will continue to make projects each day while away I will not be able to post a blog, as there will be sessions, meetings, and dinners to attend. Look for catch up time in the following week to update you with my project meanderings.

I will miss you, but I'll be back!!

Nevertheless I will have posts for the next 2 days, for Saturday and Sunday!


  1. Boy, have you ever been busy and ever so clever! Love your ideas and presentation. Keep it coming, girl.


  2. Thanks, Gwen! Glad you stopped by my blog.