Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day: 27/365

Today's Project Has To Have Hearts!

Of course a HEART! Once again, an idea from Betz White. The tutorial for this project is HERE. Craft felt is used instead of felted sweater fabric, though that could have been used. I just didn't have the right color and thickness for this. I will try it again with sweater felt when I have the appropriate colors and textures of fabric.

This was a most fun project! Try it. 

Here is the Heart Chain with a white ribbon attached at the top for hanging.
I love the diminutive hearts, and the design is quite ingenious. Very simple.

The strips to make these are stapled together. Instead of stapling at the very bottom I attached a button on each side just tied through so there are no loose knots or an unfinished look with the staple showing.
The vintage buttons match and are from my Great Aunt Lella's button jar from yesterday's post.

Where is my assistant? Oh, dear, he needs his sleep.
He'll soon be helping again. I think the late night is too much for him :-].

I hope all of you had a Very Happy Valentine's Day.

Good Night for now.

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