Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Green Chicken: Day 42

Another Completed Project!

Whew! Don't know if you noticed, but I just made my deadline by 3 minutes last night. I'm trying not to do that, but life brings those things back to haunt you sometimes.

Last night I forgot to give credit to Martha Stewart for the pattern design of this project.
Though I used the template of hers, I stitched it completely different and cut the wings from the cable stitch of the ivory sweater I have used for some other projects.

My Chicken Little is here to entertain you tonight.
Here she is!

Portrait of her in her nest.

Face forward view.
A little odd, but I loved how her wings look...as if she is flapping them.

Tail view.

Oh, my goodness, she laid an egg!
She was fluffing out for a good reason.
She looks very proud of her first egg.

Action shot of my Assistant.
He wanted to get into the action with the nesting material.
Oh, so tasty.
Chicken Little looks a bit freaked out.
I reassured her and moved him away so she can have some peace and quiet.

A busy and surprising evening for the three of us!
I'll keep you posted on what happens to the precious egg.

Good Night.

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