Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pincushion Ball: Day 49

New Version Pincushion

My brain is not letting the idea of making pincushions extract itself, no matter what size, shape, materials, or construction techniques. I don't mind as you may recall I have probably said (or indicated in some way) how much I love them. "The right pincushion for the right job," as I always say.

Some are for just the right category of needles...not just pins.
Some are for all the same type of pin: stainless steel, short, long, --------
The one in the following photo I use to separate the pins according to the color of the bead on top.
Some of us get a little crazy with the categorizing, but it's very much FUN!
This is the reason...or justification...for having way more of these than one might need.

On to the Project of the Day!

I have decided to make a rolled pincushion using strips of a very old sweater vest that was actually mine.
The label wasn't intact, and when I attempted to felt it, it didn't quite cooperate, so it must not have had the proper amount of wool or animal fibers to do so. Thus the strips fray a bit, but this may add to the quality of "dearness" that this one exudes!

Here are the beginnings:

Top: Large uncut vest piece
Middle: One long cut strip
Bottom: The first rolled strip pinned in place
This consists of 3 strips rolled together.
It seems like just the right size now.
Ruler and Idaho State Quarter added for perspective (thought you might like to know!).

A few stitches through the center and back with a doll needle to keep the strips from moving around.
To avoid the problem that a round pincushion would have--rolling around the work table--I placed a former sweater seam at the base. The white "beads" are actually pins to hold it in place while I stitch it down.
Green embroidery thread seemed a great addition to the midnight blue and the gray.
Pins removed; cushion base in place.
Side view.
The finished project with pearl-topped pins and the doll needle, along with a green ribbon.
Since I made the ribbon holder yesterday I felt bound to put a ribbon on today's project.
A Good Wednesday to you.

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