Friday, March 4, 2011

A Shoe Transformed: Day 45

What Do You Think Became of Little Shoe?

Again I want to acknowledge the origin of the pattern I used for this baby shoe,
 a favorite ETSY SHOP of mine, Precious Patterns. Thank you!
[Click on "ETSY SHOP" or "Precious Patterns", above to be taken to this shop.]

Here are some clues about the whereabouts of Little Shoe...

Number One Clue

Number Two Clue

Number Three Clue

Look closely!

The shoe has been re-tied.
What could this be?...

Did you guess?
You may have known, but if you hadn't noticed before...
This one looks very endearing with the little lamb print fabric inside the shoe.
It would make a nice gift for a new Mom who loves to sew.


A place to keep diaper pins!

I hope you had a good week so far.
See you on Saturday.

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