Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweater Ball Pincushion: Day 60

Day 60!
I am happy to have come so far with my blog.

Today was another busy one. You know the drill: getting ready for my trip!
It takes so much time to get everything in place for being away.
You will be glad to know, however, that I made a project this evening.

The project for today is another wrapped pincushion like the one I made on Project Day 49.
You can look over the process if you like HERE.

Today's pincushion looks like this:

Top view.
This one has buttons and an embroidery thread/ribbon bow.

The bottom.
Need to have it stable and not rolling all over the work table with pins spilling all over.

Here are the two together.
On the left, today's pincushion; on the right, the one from Day 49.

Happy Sunday to You!

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