Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blanket Beginnings: Day 51

A Larger On-Going Project

Another trip is in the offing for me, so I have been thinking about what project I can take with me this time that would travel easily and not require complicated procedures, sewing machine, or glue (don't think the airlines want me to be transporting toxic or questionable materials! No terrorist am I; just a happy crafter).

Today I had the idea of making a blanket with individual squares/rectangles, and on each a hand-appliqued simple shape or shapes to give it detail and interest. This  evening I started it, and am happy with the beginning results.

Here goes!

The basis for this is a felted scarf. 
Cutting out the circle shapes from another sweater.
Besides the 2 dark purple circles, I added another from the Purse Sweater fabric.
Here they are, pinned and ready to stitch.
Until I leave on my trip I have the option of using  my sewing machine for  stitching, so tonight I did that.
Machine stitching the circles to the scarf.
(Sorry about the variation in light/dark in the photos! These dark fabrics are hard to capture accurately.)
Circles are secured in place.
This is the front.
Here is the BACK! did that happen!?
Here's the secret:
I cut the scarf section away from the stitched circles.
Now you can see the attached/appliqued circles on the back, too.
Here is my new Blanket Project in it's infancy.
I'm looking forward to how this will progress.
More later!

Happy Friday to All.
See you then...

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