Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Button Bracelet: Day 50!

Wow! Fifty Days in the Making

This is something to celebrate.
I pledged to myself that I would make a project (or work on an on-going project) every day for 365 days.
Already I have reached the BIG 50. Definitely a positive in my life is this Sweater Project.
I am stoked/happy/energized/full of ideas. 
This is a Great Thing.

Thank you to all of you for helping me along with your comments, support, and smiles!

On to today's project...

Indigo sweater piece with buttons placed in desired positions...
the FIRST idea.

Though I wanted to include the smaller buttons, the embroidery needle with thread would not fit through the holes in them. So sad, but one must be flexible and adjust as needed.
Small buttons are out of the picture for this project.
Here's the final line-up.
Vintage buttons from Aunt Lella's button jar.
(My Great Aunt who taught me so much about sewing!)
I LOVE this bright yellow button.
The blue mottled, green, and red buttons.
I used pieces of left-over embroidery thread, so each was a different color.
(You know how I love to show you the reverse side along with the other small details.)
After stitching the long edges together to make a casing for a piece of elastic.
Next step: threading the elastic.
The finished Button Bracelet on Benjamin Lion, who is my model for this evening.
Benjamin likes the yellow button, too!
The other side of the bracelet.        
A fun project.

I have to admit that I was having a bit of trouble deciding what to make tonight, but this was different than any of my previous projects, and it is starting to grow on me :-].

Celebrate with me my 50th day!

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