Thursday, March 3, 2011

Endearing Baby Shoe: Day 44

Today A Pattern for A Shoe*

*I didn't make this pattern myself, so I want to give credit to the etsy shop where I purchased it.
HERE is where to find it.
I had a very good time working with the people who created this pattern and HIGHLY recommend them to you if you are looking to find GREAT patterns (e-patterns) for adorable things.

I'm going to keep you guessing a bit on this project. Something to ponder...

Though this is obviously a shoe, it is not the end of this particular project.
You may say, "Of course! It is only ONE shoe. Where is it's mate?"
But even then you might not be on track just yet.

Here are my photos:

Cutting out the shoe from the frequently-called-upon ivory, thick-felted sweater fabric.
The bright white pieces are the paper patterns.

The label on this sweater:
Carole Little
100% Lambswool
...oh, so soft

The shoe top with the inside hand-stitched with pink embroidery thread.
I'm sure you have recognized my new ironing board cover from yesterday!
(A great backdrop for this little shoe.) 

The better to see you, my dear!

The finished product. Quite adorable.

Bottom of shoe.

The on-going saga will continue. Stay tuned.

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