Friday, January 21, 2011

Comfort Food

Good Evening!

Though it is the end of the day, I need to catch you up on my travels in my 3rd day of 365.
Today when I woke up I felt that I needed some form of comfort food, and that would be TOAST! I do love toast in the morning and not just any toast, a good multigrain seems wholesome and will at least start me on a good foot, along with a nice, strong cup of coffee. 

Here is my good old vintage toaster getting ready to do it's job:

The old stand-by Toastmaster at the ready with bread in both slots.

The question of course is Plain Toast, or...

Toast with Grape Jelly.
Decisions, decisions!...
What to do?

You might guess that I ate both pieces. You could be right!
(I usually do eat both.)  The thing is that the toast with the grape jelly is actually...

 Sweater Toast with Sweater Jelly!!!

To tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure how this idea came to me to make toast from wonderful wool sweater pieces, but here it is. The bread part is made from a 100% wool luxurious brown, and the jelly is a darkish purple piece.  (I need to work on the photo colors, as this doesn't show it at it's best.)
I used the real piece of bread for a pattern, cut 2 bread sections, a long strip to make the crust, then stitched with embroidery thread to put it all together. 

A little odd, but who else do you know who has Sweater Toast in the morning?

Wishing You a Happy Morning and a Good Day Tomorrow.

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