Saturday, January 22, 2011

A new day already!
The adventure continues...

Today I'm going to give you some more specific details on how I have made my Day 4 Project.
Since I love hearts I decided to make one. 
It is an asymmetrical version, the pattern being freehand. 
Made with very soft gray cashmere, it is not stuffed but has 2 hearts stitched together with a running stitch. I prefer to call the stitch I used a walking stitch since I don't really do the typical multiple stitches at once, but punch the needle down into the fabric, then bring it back up--2 motions. The running stitch is quicker, but I like the consistency (at times) of my version that makes the stitches more the same length front and back. This is more necessary when the fabric is thicker.  Ask me about this if you want a clarification! :-]

Looking through my stash of miscellaneous sewing notions I found a jar of seed beads just asking for attention. Since my heart is a Healing Heart, it seemed appropriate to help the process by stitching seed beads along the "incision" for extra healing powers. 

Cart before the horse: this is the back!
Two different sweaters were used. This is the darker of the pieces.

My Healing Heart.

Heart in Hand.

I truly loved stitching the beads across this heart. They give an added dimension to this small work. If you could only see this in person! The beads pick up the light and give some cool life to my little gray heart.

With my daily projects I'm trying to keep the actual time frame to approximately 1 hour, as I do have other parts of my life to attend to, though it is sometimes difficult to keep to that. Healing Heart fit into the 1-hour category. Depending upon the flexibility of my day I can have the option of taking more time. That rule may be broken or not...

I continue to have a great time with my crafting. Think about considering the idea yourself! Let me know if you decide to try it. It comes highly recommended.

A Relaxing Sunday to All!

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