Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7: Another Day...thinking about another snake!


Just couldn't get the idea of another snake out of my mind, so I conjured up another one using a long rectangle for a pattern. The idea was to make a spiral snake, making a triangle fold at one end of the rectangle, then turning the fabric on itself and stitching it around to the upcoming edge. Hard to explain, but it did work. 

Before doing anything else I decided it was time to do some seed bead details and made a long line of black beads along the full length of the strip. A great start--looking good!

Then I proceeded to wind the fabric around on itself and make ladder stitches along the spiral. As I moved along, the "snake" kept getting bigger around and not as long as I had wanted. It ended up looking more like a prehistoric fish, and what a mouth on this fellow. (You will see in the photo what I mean.) Since the snake changed magically into the fish, it needed some eye detail, so more seed beads were the answer...some light blue opaque ones that gave the little guy some character and personality.

Here are the photos:

My kitten helping out. He loves sweaters, too!
The white strip is my pattern piece lying on the greeny-brown sweater that I used.

The final product. He makes me laugh every time I look at him.
You may agree with me that he looks very much like an Icthyosaurus.

I know this photo is dark, but look down that huge gullet...
it would have been too scary to have the full-sunlight view!

This project was fun, being that the idea started out as one thing and changed into another on it's own!
The joy of creating things is that they become what they are meant to be.

I am enjoying my little spurts of laughing when I look at FISH. We need more laughter in our lives :-]

This creation was one of fun and fancy.
I hope that more of my projects have surprises for me.

Happy Days to You.

More tomorrow, see you then.

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