Monday, January 24, 2011

Changing Gears: Day 6

A Happy Monday to All!

Sweater project for today has morphed into making a cute little snake.
I think stuffed snakes--the fabric variety--are most endearing. And what a great idea for my sixth project!

My snake is very short and diminutive, being 15" total length including his red tongue. He is made from a soft sweater piece, actually the same one from which heart #1 was created. (I love that gray!)

The pattern, if you want to call it that, is a long triangle that I then stitched with black embroidery floss to give him a little interest. He is not stuffed because he told me he was hungry and I wanted to give him some space for whatever he decided to munch.

His eyes are French knots, and in the photos they almost gleam. He is trying to look awesome and intimidating even with his small size, though he is not in any way a poisonous variety.  You can see if you think he accomplished his goal!

Ready to spring!
Oh, those beady eyes.

Stretched out after a good meal.

Whip-stitched underside.
He was a little embarrassed, so didn't want his face to show :-/

The great red tongue. 
Notebook paper as perspective.
He is just hanging out with me here, pretty relaxed!

I'm having such a good time with my 365 ! It is stretching my brain and helping me to really get out there and do something instead of just thinking about it.

I would highly recommend this to you, whether you are a writer, craftsperson, graphic artist, engineer...or just thinking about getting in touch with your creativity. 


  1. Looking good, Mom! Great work keeping up with the projects and with the blog. The snake is great, as are the others. I'm looking forward to today's post!