Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Second Day of Sweater Love: Sweater Kitty!

The Second Day of my Creative Year has arrived already. I am already into my 365 by 2 steps. Hooray!

Sweater Kitty is created as a grouping of miscellaneous sewing accoutrements on top of an intact sweater.

                                                               Here are the photos:

Sweater Kitty in all His/Her Glory

Up Close and you can see the collage pieces individually.

Today I decided to do a free-form collage using scraps of sweater pieces, yarn, cords made from felted sweaters that I made last week (whiskers), a narrow strip of silky blanket binding (another whisker), embroidery thread pieces, a needle-felted bead for the nose, and two silver beads for eyes. This was an interesting project, and something that did not come naturally to me, though I could certainly find myself doing more of this. The project will exist for the future only in the photos I took of the project, as the scraps used will be put back into my stash of things for another day.

The adventure continues. I am looking forward to all that is to come.


I treated myself to an indulging visit to the local GoodWill store in my area. They had a wonderful variety of sweaters to paw through, gently of course. There were 4 racks, each many yards of sweaters on hangers--such a wonderful variety! I brought home an arm-full of lovely colors, textures, and designs, giving my brain lots of food for sweater thoughts. One of the best that I chose was an Abercrombie & Fitch, 70% lambswool, and a lovely greeny-brown tweed yarn with a dear vine and flower stitching on the left lower front and left sleeve. It's my size, and perhaps this one will not be among the ones delegated for other projects. (One of the benefits of sweater searching!)

A Good Day to You Tomorrow. See you then.

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