Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hobby Horse Completed: Day 99! Almost to 100!!!

Little Brown Horse Ready To Ride

It was fun finishing this project...just the easy touches to wrap him up:

2-Blanket stitch to close the bottom seam.

Here is my little Hobby Horse. 
A distant photo, but I wanted you to see his riding stick as well.

A handsome steed, don't you think?

 Head shots to show off his handsomeness...

I'm so glad I gave him 2 ears.
More character this way, and as I said last night...being anatomically correct is important.  :-]
This is my favorite photo of Hobby Horse.
He almost looks like he is coming to life! Look at that cute smirk...and the way he has cocked his ears.

Full profile view.
Different lighting. 

And not to forget the STARS of the finishing touches (in alphabetical order):

Pincushion with large eye needle
Prism "embroidery" thread
 Scissors, small very sharp
Stuffing material



  1. This came out great! very glad he is anatomically correct. What if something tried to sneak up on him? could be dangerous if he only heard noises from one ear! :)

  2. Good thought!
    Yes, and 2 eyes as well. Gotta see everything.
    He may need a tail also to swish away the flies in the hot weather!