Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something for Dog: Day 84

Today I Am Introducing My 2nd Assistant

Here is Valentine, my German Shepherd, who LOVES her toys and is very creative about getting many in her mouth at one time!

Two wool bones in her mouth at once.
She loves these.
Purchased from Trader Joe's!

And here is today's project:
Cutting strips from a VERY WELL felted sweater, 100% wool.

Cutting strips from another very well felted sweater, also 100% wool.

First Assistant stalking the pile of strips.

These were cut from the sleeve of the sweater.

The finished product.
Looks a little crazy, but was fun to make.

I took many photos of Valentine with the toy in her mouth, but she wouldn't stand still long enough for a photo that was fully focused! So here she is with the toy along with her other stash of chew items.
It was in shadow.  :-/

She loves the new addition to her "stuff".

Wishing all the dogs out there a happy, toy-filled evening!
Good Dog, Valentine 

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